It is de facto that bullying has been experienced in most of our lives as children and as adults. It has many ignitors, such as your social class, your looks, your race, your education, and your personality.  Childhood bullying is probably the worst.  The bully says in essence that you are a non-person, someone to be ridiculed just for existing; you are perceived as not fit to be in the same company as the bully (bullies).  At first the bullied might feel surprise, maybe anger, but then depression sets in as he or she wonders, what is wrong with me?  The bullied stands naked before the world, stripped of all dignity, ashamed to be alive, dreading the daily torture of being bullied.  Death sometimes seems the only way out and thus tragically suicide often ensues.

I was first bullied at the age of 10 when I was in the fifth grade.  It happened on a school bus.  I rode one all 12 years of my education.  My mom had just given me a home perm which took hold of my thick strands like a bulldog.  My hair billowed out in every direction with curls.  I probably had the first Afro ever seen on a white person!  Now if you are a veteran of school buses, you know that in the morning everyone is very sedate and you can hear that proverbial pin drop as kids try to wake up for the day.  But contrast that to the afternoon ride home with loud talking, hollering, spit balls, and fights.  One afternoon I sat in a bus seat by myself and three older girls sat in the seat behind me.  Suddenly I felt a tug on my hair and a giggle.  It had begun.  I would turn around and the three would look surprised and deny pulling my hair.  This continued until I got off the bus at my stop.  Day after day my heart would sink as I got on the bus to go home.  The hair pulling escalated as the three found other ways to torture me.  They would make up jingles and songs about my hair and sing loudly between laughing; they said my hair looked like moth balls.

Now, you may ask, where was the bus driver?  I honestly don’t know!  In my day only men drove school buses. He never stood up and told the bullies to stop.  Maybe he was just enduring and “letting kids be kids.”  But there was a day of reckoning coming that forced him to act.

My sister was three grades ahead of me and never rode my school bus until one day, for some forgotten reason, she did.  She sat with me and the three mean girls gleefully sat behind us. One gal was the spokesperson for the three bullies, and she screamed and hurled insults like a maniac every day until I got off the bus.  That day she made a fatal mistake.  She pulled my sister’s hair.  My sister turned around and grabbed that girl by the hair of the head and drug her to the isle of the bus where a fight ensued that was the talk of my neighborhood for years.  The two girls fought tooth and nail, pulling out clumps of hair and punching each other.  It is hard to say if there was a winner, both fought like tigers, but the bus driver finally had to intervene.  Of course everyone had to go to the principal’s office and explain what happened.  I used to tell those bullies through tears, “God will make you pay!” and thankfully that day my sister helped that happen!

Now my sister and I looked much alike, so that ironically by the next school year legend had it that I was the one who fought the bully!  I enjoyed that immensely as no one on the bus dared to mess with me.  Years later, the girl that fought my sister apologized to her.

What is my point?  Bullying is like throwing pebbles in the water and watching the ripple effect. Fast forward two years.  I would not even look at myself in the giant mirror in the girl’s restroom at school.  I was afraid someone would point at me and start laughing.  I did not know how to “primp” – only girls who were accepted did that.

I believe that most people in life are bullied at some point in time, so how do they survive?  It depends on many factors, including home life and spirituality.  For many it is just an incident in the past and their human spirit triumphs. Others become marginal people with little or no self confidence.  I have finally realized God made me for a purpose and His love is there no matter what happens.  Bulling is a heart condition and will always affect the human race.  Campaigns to stamp out bullying will never work; only faith in God, loving ourselves and others, and forgiving the past will undo the harm of bullying.

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To Those Who Would Like a Good Children’s Book!

I have recently published an eBook for children titled Eddie Freddie and Freddie Eddie. I feel it is engrossing reading for ages 5 to 7. It is about twin cats taken from pampered city life to be Farmer John’s barn cats.

Cats! Mice! Horror! Gloomy Prospects! Heroic Act!

I would love for you to review my book. I have a free copy for you to review on All comments would be greatly appreciated, and my hope is that you would want my book added to your ebook collection. Below are the instructions for obtaining a free copy to review.



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Thank you,

Helen Wall Fussell

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What Is Time?

Immediately I think of time as a continuum; you cannot go back in time and you cannot go forward in time, but like a river flowing time is always in the present, in real time, that is.

I saw a program on TV where people were obsessed with saving time. It flashed on the screen how much time each individual saved with their time-saving tactics. Some saved as much as 6 days of their life, some saved hours, etc.

On reflection, I realized one cannot “save” time. It is impossible to save that which is constantly moving forward. If you do in 30 minutes a task that usually takes an hour, you will fill the other 30 minutes with something else, and even if you just sit and do nothing, time will pass.

We use some interesting words to describe time. For instance, we sometimes refer to “killing time.” However, we cannot kill time; we can misuse it so that we achieve no value for our time, but we use time in the process of “killing” it.

Now, how about “buying” time. Interestingly, one can be cured of a disease and live longer, so he or she has more time on Terra-Fir-ma; one might say a gift of the Universe; I say a gift of God. The Bible says there is a time to be born, to laugh, to mourn, and a time to die (Ecclesiastes Chapter 3).

We can take time, but we cannot suspend time. However, we can spend time; that is, hopefully use our time wisely. We speak of Father Time. He waits for no one, but marches silently on until our hoary heads go down to the grave.

In Genesis 1:1 God created time when He said “In the beginning… then he created space when He created the heaven, and then he created the earth which is matter – time, space and matter. Today’s scientists refer to space-time as they have finally discovered the connection of time with space in the 20th century.

Let’s face it, we all waste our time. We lack goals and/or specific plans to fulfill our goals. We lollygag around. We are thankful for life but careless with our time. May this new year be a wake-up call to us all in our effort to wisely and successfully use time.

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To Be Loved

We accept the love we think we deserve.

– Stephen Chbosky.

At first I thought he was saying we take all the love we can get because we think we deserve it, but then I realized he was saying we only accept the love we feel we are worthy to receive.  Unfortunately, in most of our lives that is very little.  We guard our battered hearts.  We have a demarcation line that says you can come this close and not any further into my life because I am not worthy.

We feel life has shown us our unworthiness.  We have been bullied, criticized, laughed at,  ostracized, and made to feel ugly and unintelligent.  We have made foolish and stupid decisions about our lives, and we are insignificant to most people.   Our self confidence is almost nonexistent. When someone says “I love you” we wonder why – surely they are deceived, can’t they not see how unworthy we are?

We are starving for love, for someone’s approval; yet we push it aside out of fear of rejection.  I have come to the conclusion that the only pure love is from God.  We are worthy in his site because of redemption in his Son, Jesus Christ.  The Bible says “Love covers a multitude of sins.”  People do not love perfectly and we may be afraid to receive their love, but God in Jesus loves us with a true love, a love that lasts throughout eternity.

What is it the Coca-Cola song says?

What the world needs now is love, sweet love…

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MAN IN CHURCHI can picture this man sitting in solitude in a beautiful place of worship saying the words sung by Kris Kristofferson in his beautiful  recording of “Why Me Lord.”

Below is a link to a video with the song and its words that he dedicated to his mom.  I hope it touches you as it has me.

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The Culpepper Cattle Co.  Best western I ever saw.  It is the quin essential western.  A wet-behind-the-ears lad joins a tough bunch of cowboys on a cattle drive  Despite the boy’s many predicaments and goof ups he wins the heart of those gruff cowboys to the point where he is able to convince them to fight for a religious sect to settle on property that is not theirs.  A fierce battle ensues and all the cowboys are killed, except the boy.  The religious sect then decides after all to move on.  The boy is stunned by their hypocrisy and the loss of all the cowboys, his friends,  on the cattle drive.


Gone With The Wind -self explanatory!  I love this movie!


Lampoon Vacation – most so-called comedies do not make me laugh.  The first time I saw this I was in fits of laughter.  The theme “We are going to have fun if it kills us” reminds me of me.


Rosemary’s Baby – scared the socks off of me!  Most occult movies are pitiful but this one delivers.


The Shrinking Man – First sci-fi I ever saw with an actual story line.  Very good.


Psycho is the best.  I watched it on TV one Halloween night after everyone but me had gone to bed.  I had seen it as a teenager and decided to watch it again.  I was so scared I was afraid to get up and go into the bedroom afterwards.  All the sequels are no count in my opinion though and if you see Psycho over and over it loses its shock power.


Fatal Attraction – Glen Close is a fabulous actress.  I hated her for years because of the character she played in this movie.  This movie is full of nail-biting suspense which I love.


Toy Story I – Precious.  I have not seen the sequels but what could equal the first one?

These are some of my favorites but not all of them; I mainly watch old movies.  I do not go to the theater or rent videos often so I do not keep up with the latest.  I know there are some good ones out there I will probably never see.

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